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Friday, 19 December 2008

handy, this feed thingy...

Hey, I really like this feedjit that I have added to my blog! It shows where people are that read it, and I noticed that STAFFORD read it 11 hours ago! Hi Becci Sweetheart!!! I will call you soon. It sort of shrinks the world doesn't it? Knowing that through blogging people are reading and learning about the ordinary everyday lives of others should make us more tolerant and understanding of our own and other cultures and ways of living, in my mind. Just after writing this piece our cat Genghis sat next to me and looked uncomfortable with something in his mouth. I tried to look but he wasn't having that so I put him down and called Peter to come and see him. I thought he had swallowed a tooth. Genghis started choking and then bleeding from his mouth so we picked him up in a blanket and rushed him to the vets! He hates that but he behaved well and when she looked in his mouth sure enough a huge tooth was missing and there was a great big gaping hole! Poor old chap! He settled down once she had cleaned it up a bit and the taste of the blood was less, and so we brought him home again, safe and sound! It was so scary at the time; panic sets in and it is hard to think calmly. I've got a few nice scratches from Genghis struggling in the car, but nothing terrible. He is a sweet cat. The vet looked him over and he is fine. Needs to drink more as his coat is a bit starry but apart from that for an 11 year old Siamese he is doing ok. I had dreamt that something happened to Genghis just last night so that is well strange.....I just got this feeling that he was not well. I hope that was it and nothing else is going to happen - we adore our cats and cannot imagine life in the family without them. I am collecting their portrait next Tuesday now - it is redone in the right colours this time so it will be interesting to see the differences in the two paintings. Well I am off to work soon so got to do a few things first. Sue x

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