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Friday, 12 December 2008

christmas tree

We have a red and silver tree this year! It looks lovely when it gets dark and all the lights are twinkling! I have done nothing more to decorate the house this week due to working so much but Amienke called this evening to say that she has got a lot of 'green' that we can pick up, so I hope to do some more this coming week. I feel so behind!!! And I have to do so much more! Sunday I will do the marzipan on the cake so that it has time to dry before the weekend when it needs icing. Monday housework and writing the last cards I hope! Tuesday out with Loes and physio, and then two clear days at the moment to get the greenery etc and take presents around; friday to Schagen to work and have a little time in the shopping centre as I need to get some small surprises still for the dinner table presents. Since I have just ordered something from Scrapbook.com that I hope will arrive next week, I guess I can wrap a bit of that up for myself........... Last night I really enjoyed singing and it has led me to make the decision that in 2009 I would love a keyboard as my birthday present and then lessons to learn to really play it well. I learnt piano as a child so I think I know the basics still, and I can read notes etc. We were only with 4 of us last night but we still tried to learn 2 parts for 3 christmas carols. We have decided to have a drink together next Thursday to celebrate Christmas before we go home which is super. I like the other choir I am in too, but this is so personal and friendly as we are so few, and I actually really like that! Maybe we don't need anyone else to join us?!!!!! Tim is training at basketball again for which I am very pleased about. He has got some problems with his knee and the physio is going to treat him finally so that is also good news. I think it has become a 'crutch' for other problems/issues he has, so to clear it up would mean that he has to face up to those other issues and deal with them. Hard I know, but worth it in the end. bye for this evening, Sue x

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