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Friday, 26 December 2008

Final part from Christmas Day

Well, it all went really well - nothing burnt or tasted awful, everything was eaten and the puddings disappeared in a flash! It is always such a build-up to just one day, but singing in the church in Hoorn on Christmas Eve added to the feeling that it was Christmas here in Holland. We all received lovely presents and feel very fortunate to have had them from our family and friends. I suppose there is one present that topped all the others by a mile...my son wrote me a letter telling me how he feels about me and how much he loves me. I just burst into tears, so that was good!!! It is not often that a 15 year old boy can put into words what his emotions are, and how he sees things that happen in his life. I will treasure it always, and it is going in a frame as soon as Christmas is over!! It reminded me of my favourite verse in one of my favourite carols; 'In the Bleak Mid-winter'. That goes: " what can I give him, poor as I am. If I were a shepherd, I would give a lamb. If I were a rich man, I would do my part. Yet what I have I give him; give my heart." Ti m didn't have a lot of money to buy something so he decided that this was something money can't buy and he wrote down his love for me instead. My joy in this is that if he can write down and express his emotions now, then he is going to become a caring and compassionate adult, partner and father. I will have looked after him in a way that means he can go forward in his life, totally in touch with his heart and soul, and no matter what he becomes or does in his life, he will know LOVE. Giving love out to others, returns it two-fold I always believe. We spoke to Becci in the morning which was so nice, despite missing her dreadfully here, I know she will have enjoyed a super day with Roy and his family, and her friends. So looking forward to seeing her in February!! Today I will talk to her again so that we can hear all about her Christmas Day. She is driving up to Leeds again this evening with Roy so that they can pick Tim up tomorrow from the airport; yes, I have to get my head around an early start tomorrow morning to get him off to Schiphol on time!!! They will have a few days together which is very heart-warming for me. I am giving Becci my camera to use so I hope to get some great photos of the 3 of them and any other family members they go to see - make a note Becs! The camera comes with the condition that I get photos for my albums!!!! Anyway, time to make breakfast for Pete and I as I think Tim is still sound asleep. A wonderful frosty morning here, love it!!!! Sue x

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