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Thursday, 18 December 2008

Don't know what to do with myself sort of day

There is so much I ought to be doing, I am convinced of that, but d'you know what? I am not doing any of it!! I have no inspiration to scrap; no strength to clean and no desire to cook!!! What should I do and where is this lackadaisical day coming from???? Only 7 more days to go and I am worried that I have forgotten something major.............but what?! Is it that Becci ought to be coming home soon and this year Tim is going to hers; have I been so well prepared that there is actually nothing left to be done until we hit next week? I don't know! Peter finally got his addresses together so that we could post his cards this morning, and then we dashed in Enkhuizen for the sherry bottles! Christmas for me is synonymous with HARVEY'S BRISTOL CREAM and MINCE PIES! Nothing more memorable than these together with carols on the radio or television and a cosy snuggle on the settee! I love watching Songs of Praise in december as they have the carol services etc but we are going to be out this sunday so it will have to be recorded. I spotted the nicest PARSNIPS on the market today - best ever that I have seen here in Holland. I must remember to get all the veg from the market next wednesday morning....and the turkey from the butchers etc. So much to cram in one day - that is Christmas Eve for me. A lovely day of shopping for the last minute food items and starting to cook the food for the coming hectic two days. Once a woman starts with her christmas traditions, it is impossible to give them up until one's offspring suggest that one goes to them instead!! Whenever I try to do something different Tim calls me back and says ' but you always do it on Christmas Eve!' I have made something extra special for Becci this year. Have you seen The Polar Express? Then if I tell you that I have got her 'the bell' and wrapped it up in a box I have made, along with a letter for her from Father Christmas, you will know what I mean. I've got one for Tim too, but I will hold on to that until he is older and will have a tree or children of his own. It is only when one is grown up that you realise what an impact it has had on you; the way Christmas was handed down to you by your parents etc. The traditions and routines, the magic and the stories, the films or books and all the other images of Father Christmas and his reindeers - suspending belief for such a short time as time itself stands still. Powerful stuff!! And I love it!!!! I can't wait to have our own grandchildren to share this magic with and re-live this all over again through their eyes and hearts. Oh, a tip for anyone making pastry for mince pies: I always make mine using lard and butter but I mix it with orange juice after I have added the peel into the mix. No Sugar, and it is perfect pastry! It is a little bit crumbly but sweet enough and the orange flavour is delicious!!! Try it!! Sue x

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