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Tuesday, 16 December 2008

It's getting closer!

And am I ready?? NO!!! There seems to be so much more to do but yet I am not sure what!! I think it is that I am not 110% sure of what I want to cook and when..........because I just enjoy looking through all my magazines!! I still haven't found the icicles or the christmas tree topper; no idea. I have to look in my chest again this morning maybe.. see if it is there. It is really misty here. Loes and I are supposed to be going to the christmas decoration farm ( strange way of describing it I know!) so I hope it clears soon. Peter is already off to Venlo so I imagine that is going slowly. Tim is having a late start to school, but he finally cleaned his room last night much to his father's delight and my relief! Those two can certainly brew up a storm in a teacup!! Sometimes I think it is just pre-Christmas emotions running higher than usual, so I try to chill and relax about stuff I really don't need to worry about, and let the rest take care of itself! My shoulders are very painful now so I think it is time to think more about having the injection...I am not thrilled by the prospect but cannot go on feeling in so much pain. Anyone got any suggestions otherwise for me?????? Feeling a bit sicky this morning and not too good really - tummyache and only hoping that I haven't got another bug from anywhere!!! I am getting so much pleasure from following Ali Edwards blog and her christmas album style is wonderful. I think 2009 might be the year I do more on the computer with scrapping.....don't get over excited Ineke, my friend!! I am only thinking about typing and printing more words and text nothing on your creative lines!!!!! At the moment my SCRAPWORDS for 2009 are: SIMPLE CLEAN CLEAR TELLING I want to choose 10 creative words to inspire my 2009 projects - that is my scrapping resolution that will go in my small mini album for the year. Anyone else doing the same? I have seen so many people following the latest trends instead of staying with their own creative style and trying to work on that more, that certain styles gain more attention than others. It is a shame, and it takes strength not to follow the crowd but that is what I want to focus on myself. So be strong and have faith in your own creative talents people! Take inspiration from others but incorporate more of yourself than of others in your work next year and it will be GREAT!! Sue xx

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