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Monday, 1 December 2008

happy monday!

The First day of December - time to soak the fruits for our Christmas Cakes! I am making one large one to be cut into four smaller ones as I want to give them away to friends this year. It is the Whiskey Cake - yummy! One week in the fridge before I make the cake itself so it is slowly fermenting away now........smells wonderful! I am quite tired after the weekend away in Denmark. I have got photos of where we stayed etc but now yet got them from the camera. I have been busy copying my Cd's onto itunes so that I can get them on my Christmas present when I get it: Peter has bought me an ipod touch for Christmas!!! I didn't know I had so many I wanted to copy - it takes a while but seems to work ok. Has to be easy for me to do it! My list-making 'tick' is coming in handy for the month - writing down everything and doing a sort of daily planner really helps me get organised. Without it I get bogged down in the details and grind to a holt! We had to vote for the 5 people who can go through to the next round of the DT call at Scrapfever, and I am delighted that there were enough entries to make it worthwhile. It was hard choosing the 5 I liked the most, but I have made my choice and I can't wait to see what the others have voted for too!! And then the next round will be exciting as well as there are so many different styles of scrapping out there. And there is room for every one of them! That's the fun! Well, I am rambling on about something and nothing here so I think I can't put off making preparations for dinner any longer! Before I go, have you seen the 12 tags of Christmas Tim Holtz is repeating this year? Take a look over at his blog and you will see the first one is up. I think I will have a go at making my own as it is great to experiment etc. I have made almost all the cards I want to do, and written nearly all the others, posted some parcels but have still one or two to do....so I can afford to do some scrapping in my spare time! Only problem being my shoulder, which is as painful as ever and stops me doing too much of anything really. The housework needs doing as it is getting behind here but thank goodness Ann is going to help me out this week! What would I do without her?!! Enjoy the frenzy of the last few days before Sinterklaas here in Holland - the shops are heaving and the kids in our street are already hyper! so it is a countdown to Friday for one and all here! cheers, Sue x

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