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Monday, 8 December 2008

getting closer!

Christmas is creeping closer every day! Especially now I have decorated the tree with Tim and started hanging the decorations etc. One problem.....can't find them !!!!! Well, not the ones I want! I bought some gorgeous glass icicles a couple of years ago in the Lakes, and usually hang them in our kitchen window, but they are nowhere to be found!!! I am wracking my brains trying to think where I put them..................but no luck yet! It is so frustrating isn't it?! But the tree went up ok. Had to buy new lights as of course last years ones didn't work. 200 lights in our little tree is super! We have gone for a red and silver look this year. And wonder upon wonder, Xander didn't seem at all interested in the tree ( as yet). Perhaps he is older and wiser now and less interested in shiny round baubles!!!! I think actually, the hot water bottle under his rug is where he most wants to be all day and night. And he doesn't want to give up his place to Genghis now does he?!!! I am happy with the christmas cake. It is baked and ready for icing but I was rung today to work an extra day this week so that is now Every Day!! and that is really too much for me, but they were desperate so what can I say? My reward is that Loes and I are going to try and find the mysterious farm in Nieuwe Niedorp that Willem says is all in English style........next Tuesday that is. I have to still make the mince pies but I am taking ready-made to the forum day as not that many of us will be going it seems. I think it is a pity but people are so busy this month that it is understandable I suppose. I will enjoy meeting other members as I am not that good at 'chatting' on the forum; I never know what to say! And I think I am quite a private person who doesn't mind sending out this type of message to an 'unknown world' but can't quite do it closer to home. Odd I guess............ I am going singing shortly. Last rehersal before Sunday when the choir is singing at mass. I hope to go along and listen to them, rather than sing with them for the first time. I don't know all the music out of my head and I prefer to see what they sound like from the audience this time. It will be quite interesting to sit through a service in Dutch for the first time. Well, not much more to say, recording Claudia this evening so that I can see Erin and Austin's 'highlights' as they are now out of the competition. I do so want Rachel and Vincent to win! My friend Jackie is routing for Tom so I think it will be a very close call simply down to who is the people's favourite! Did you see Cliff Richard this weekend on Songs of Praise? He is aging now but has been around all my life, so he is kinda special for that reason if for no other! This coming Sunday is their big carol service from the Albert Hall so that I don't want to miss!! My december homesickness needs to be catered to as usual! Going on rather so will go! cheers, Sue x

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