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Thursday, 11 December 2008

no time.............

I am working every day this week and it reminds me why I don't do this on a regualr basis!! I am getting ready tired!!!! I enjoy the work whilst I am doing it and it will be better next year when I have given up my homework supervision job etc. but I seem to leave the house early and get back late wanting only to sleep!!! I shouldn't complain, I know, as I am lucky to have this job, but I am not cut out for it anymore - the hours I mean!!! I am definitely going to keep next week free apart from one afternoon which I have agreed to work... I know, softy! Loes and I are going to see whether we can track down a lovely christmas 'farm' on Tuesday and then I have my physio, which this week has led to a really painful neck and upper back, so I am in more pain now that ever!! I am sure it will pass, but right now it hurts! The cards are slowly coming in the post, and the game I ordered for Tim is on its way early so he will be surprised! I am going to see the cat portrait this evening on my way home.......so can't wait to see it! I am reading Ali Edwards blog daily too, as I love her christmas daily album style and as I am doing a mini-version myself, it is very inspirational. I will take it with me on Saturday to the SCRAPFEVER DT day in Blaricum, providing I have printed some of the photos out by then! I have to take more....that is the key!! Since it is meant to reflect what I see around me this month, I must try to vary the photos more, and take unexpected ones too...so many things to think about all at the same time!! I have to get ready for another days work right now, so have a great one yourselves! Sue xx

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