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Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Our hotel in Denmark

I took these photos early in the morning when Peter was still snoring soundly in bed!! It was impossible to sleep given the noise he was making so I got up and went for a wander around the hotel and park. There was no snow but it was jolly cold!!! I am not sure exactly where we were - but it was about a 3/4hour drive from the airport in the direction of the German border! It was pouring with rain when we arrived but on the Sunday it was better. Anyway, that is that for another year! I enjoyed seeing the wives of his colleagues again - they are really nice women.
I hope to get some cards made today as I seem to be falling behind in my schedule!!! Ann is coming to help me clean the house as I cannot do that right now with my shoulder problem, and for a chat of course! So lots to do today folks!
Have a good one where ever you are!
Sue x

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