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Sunday, 21 August 2011

Weekend feeling

lying in bed until after nine this morning was wonderful! It was hard to crank myself up and out of the cosiness of the many layers on top of me, but eventually I made it downstairs and out into the sunshine...Finka and I sat for a while, blue skies, sun peeking through - then a sudden shower with a dash of thunder hit us, we scampered back indoors, and now it is gorgeous out there!!!
I worked so hard in the gardens yesterday, that my poor old body was exhausted by the end of it. The scent of autumn is in the air - truly - so it was time to dig out some of the summer annuals ready for new plants for the coming seasons - yey! I don't like the inbetween time when there is bare soil and gaps between plants.............I love it when the borders are absolutely brimming with plants. But I pulled up the ones that needed to go, and tidied up some pots and moved one or two plants into better positions, and I'm ready. Well, one bed is. The other still looks fabulous so leaving that one alone for now. I got out into the front as well, but by the end of it my back was aching and my elbow was feeling the pain of  repetitious digging, so I gave up. Me and the Geng came back indoors and sat on the settee together and vegetated. Later on I made a delicious Pear & Ginger Cake as Jose came round in the evening for a natter. It was good using up ingredients I had in the larder etc as I am not particularly fond of pears generally speaking. I am up for an Apple Cake this week as I promised something for work on Thursday as a treat with our coffee! And since we are on the subject of my habit of forward planning ( yes, we are, you didn't realise it? ) I had time to make a little list of menus which I enjoy making for dinner occasions. I was going through my notebook in which I write my favourite recipes - ostensibly for when Tim leaves home and needs a cookery book - and decided that it required some menu recommendations. It's amazing how many times one goes back and chooses a certain recipe - it felt so warming to just be able to flip the CHRISTMAS DINNER MENU off the top of my head!!!! ( Ok, I'm scary...give you that!!! )
Ann is going to England next month; I think this is what is causing me to check out our store cupboard for those essential ingredients that one cannot buy here.............I like being prepared!!
Today is more about resting and enjoying being at home doing as little as possible. There are small tasks to be faced, but the sun is once more out and I feel like making the most of these last hazy days of summer before the sun sinks lower in the sky and the cobwebs become more abundant and the days get shorter - wonderful!!! Can't wait for the winter pansies to be bought!!!
Sue xx

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