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Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Times they are a-changing

I suppose it all has to do with growing older, and acquiescing to the things that happen to our bodies as that occurs. For me personally, I was wondering when it would happen - the final change that women experience - and how I would feel about it. I believe I am starting to find out!!! Given that most of my female friends have already been there, done it, and got the t-shirt, I sort of felt I was lagging behind!!! I wanted it to be over as well, but instead showed no signs of it starting for longer than I had imagined. But now, suddenly, I think I have arrived! And the sensation of breaking out into a hot sweat whilst you are sleeping, is just as unpleasant as I was warned about! Quite unlike anything else but the closest would be comparable to a high fever in some tropical disease..........I woke up in the middle of the night to experience, literally, beads of perspiration bursting out all over my body. Even on my eyelids! As each one rose to the surface of my skin, I felt the bubble form, grow and then burst and trickle water all over me. I felt so acutely aware of it at  that moment, it was quite strange really. Fortunately I  could throw off all the covers and just lay there, still, until it passed. Does this happen every night from now on, ladies, or just sporadically?! You know the answer I am looking for!!! So now it is the daytime flushes that I am waiting for.................happy days!!

Yesterday was a funny sort of day at work. I felt that we were being wrong-footed all day long, and that meant it was a long, hard day. I am glad to be off today. Its always the same at the start of the holiday period when we as relief workers take over the running of the show and our colleagues have all disappeared. They leave great notes behind, what to do, when to do it etc but it is never possible to write the ultimate guide to where things are, and how they work!! Simple things, like how to work the mobile phone............where to get the money to buy our shopping when the admin is off too.........where envelopes, rulers, pencils, notepaper is stored when you are working in a different space...........so yesterday was all about searching for what I needed, pacifying others, reporting incidents, going to new locations, eating ice cream, lunch an hour too soon, squabbling...........and differences of opinions. I heard someone tell me the other day that when they go on holiday from work, they leave behind a detailed board with everything written down in detail, so that nothing can get missed. Maybe that is not such a bad idea after all.............but at the end of this month, I will have learnt so much more than I knew before, and it will have all been down to my own endeavours, and I like that better.
Sue xx

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