Les Mis Trailer

Sunday, 7 August 2011

A must-see film!

This is one film I've been looking forward to seeing this summer! I tend to agree that her Yorkshire accent leaves much to be desired, and it fluctuates between reasonable and terrible the entire film, but I like her as an actress ( she was Jane, after all ) so I can get over it! Who can I see it with?

This morning it was gorgeous. Me and the cats sat outside under the sunshade having breakfast, sunning ourselves in brilliant sunshine, and I thought it was looking like a summer Sunday. Tim came outside and said that it was 'bright too soon' and he was right. Shortly after that the heavens opened and the rain is currently coming down with incredible force, and pouncing off the rooftops, the sky completely grey and heavy and the prospect of thunderstorms later on. A huge disappointment! And proof that one should always 'seize the day' and never leave anything to chance. So there is nothing else for it than to give in to doing the bathroom, since all other excuses not to have just been swept away!!!
Sue xx

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