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Friday, 5 August 2011

Curry on the go!

My friends are coming round tonight and so I am making Chicken Curry for the three of us. Back by popular demand!! I am taking a break from the kitchen as it got rather hot under the collar downstairs, and I'm sure that its not all me!!!
I've got my favourite Vegetable Samosa's and Spinach Pakhora's which I lurve, and I made a Churri as well - Indian Rice as the last thing to go on, and not forgetting the delicious Mango Chutney and Naan Breads!
It is a feast alright! We are having Eton Mess for afters; I figured since curries are as English as Strawberries and Cream, made into an Eton Mess they are even more irresistable. Yummy!! There will be wine, and chatter and laughter and sharing, and music and its all good. I do love cooking for our friends and family!
The weather is mixed today. Neither sunny nor dull, hot nor cold, just humid and damp and a little overcast. It is perfect weather for sitting outside with a cold beer and contemplating ones navel!!! Think that might be next on my to-do list, only a glass of rose would suit me better. I'm saving the rest of the afternoon for some other pleasures I'm hoping are going to come my way...........
Sue xx

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