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Friday, 12 August 2011

holiday makers!

This is the first photo Becci and Ric have shown from their recent holiday in France. Can't wait to see the rest!! I looked at some taken by another friend from their group but they were not that interesting to be honest - too many shots without people in them!!! I've never really been to France very much, only one real summer holiday and two trips to Disneyland Paris. Becci was only 18 months old when she went for the first time - shows how long ago it is since THAT holiday!!! I know that it is a very popular destination for many families in Holland, and Becci said that they met a lot of Dutch people whilst in the Dordogne. Must admit that Tim and I have started thinking about next year and where to go in the autumn if a chance comes our way...............yes, we love to dream in our family!!! Never hurts to have a germ of a plan always in the back of one's mind, right? But first things first - Tim is going next Wednesday to theirs so time to check trains and timing etc as I am working all week and need to feel prepared! He is looking forward to his week with his big sister, meeting Ric, and generally getting out of the house and away from mum for some young living!!!! Must make that list of goodies to bring back home...............polos top it every time!!!

I have my first supervision this evening, with one of our trainers and at my study mate's house. Looking forward to seeing them both as its been a few weeks. Lots to catch up on first with Karen and then the nitty gritty of supervision. One down, two to go; three counselling sessions, when I have the money for them, and we are getting closer to me completing the requirements for year 1. Gosh, you have no idea how fantastic I am going to feel when I have that certificate! It will be my affirmation of my year post divorce, my joy at doing what I absolutely love doing, and my ticket to a better future. That champers in the fridge has been there too long already just waiting to be popped!!! Glasses at the ready m'dear!
Sue xx

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