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Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Utterly ashamed

One cannot have gone the last few days without reading or hearing on the news about the terrible rioting happening in England right now. It is shameful to see what some people actively chose to do to our great cities, how they spare no thought for the livelihoods of others, or their welfare, and how helpless we are to stop them. It is spreading like a mexican wave across the country, only this one is accompanied by flames and looting, violence and destruction, and it is deplorable.

At the same time I read with joy and pride about the army of 'morning after' local residents who stand on the streets the next day, armed with brooms and cleaning materials ready to clean up their neighbourhoods again. Look on twitter and facebook and see just what having community spirit means. These are the Brits I am proud to associate myself with!! Tim is going to England a week from today. He will arrive in Birmingham, wants so much to go to Manchester and it is simply not safe to do that right now. The pleasure of visiting these two great cities has been swept away by violence in just a few nights of erupted anarchy. Reverse the trend and fast, my friends. Return to normality and regain control of the spiralling domino effect being created by those who are not capable of stopping themselves. Please.
Sue xx

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