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Thursday, 25 August 2011

Back home

Last night I collected Tim from the airport and enjoyed hearing all about his week with his sister and Ric. He certainly sounds as though he has had a great time! His suitcase was only 3 ounces below the 23kilo limit!!! But then it is a small suitcase according to him! And we'll need another before next year.............
He had brought me some Black Magic chocolates - because they were the ones my dad always put in my Christmas Stocking for years!! However, I have to say that the quality and the quantity in the box for the price you pay, is not good any more. What a disappointment!! I remember a long slim box with two layers in and stuffed full with delicious chocolates; this time there were far less flavours and one stingy layer of choccies - shame on the makers!! It felt like quite a rip-off actually.
Then I had some books - aah - and magazines - and the famous Dreamies for the cats!!! Apparently cats go crazy for these treats, and Genghis certainly did. Finka was more hesitant but once she had tried them she was making her little approving noises and munching delicately on one dreamy at a time. Geng just ate the handful in one go!!! I see more packets being added to my list, Ann!!!
Then there were the sweeties - Polos, Minstrels and Galaxy - yey! When will Holland start selling our favourites??! They really are delicious folks!
Well, I was awake bright and early this morning so now I am going to read my Country Living Mag and make notes of all the interesting articles and websites that are always in it, and see where my fantasies will take  me this morning.
Sue xx

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