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Thursday, 18 August 2011

Beautiful programme

last night on BBC 2 about the wildlife that lives in these beautiful gardens in Cornwall. It was really a total delight to watch, and has made me even more eager to visit them next year!! Last time we were in Cornwall we didn't have the opportunity to go there but I am going to ensure that THIS trip includes them!
Finka was fascinated. She sat on the edge of the coffee table and watched completely engrossed as the foxes and badgers and birds all paraded in front of her; the perfect birthday treat!!! She got up a few times and actually say right in front of the telly, wandered around to the back and back again, just checking whether she could get any closer or not - but brilliant to see her enjoying it so much, ha!ha!
Tonight its something different as I am indulging in a soppy movie 'The Lake House', so tissues at the ready!!!
Sue xx

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Jodilee said...

Good luck maybe you could write a piece explaining to the rest of us exactly how to live on fresh air. I for one need all the help I can get.