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Wednesday, 17 August 2011

House seems empty already!

Well, Tim has only been gone an hour and a half and already the house feels empty without him!!! Just that sense that you are all alone now..............he just rang and is at Schiphol finding his way around with all the new fangled equipment for checking in etc - so funny to hear him telling me about it all!! Anyway, he is sitting near his gate and just has to patiently wait until he gets called to board in about another hours time!!

So what are my plans whilst he is away?!! Work, work, work, hopefully garden if the weather holds in the weekend, work on my study.....nothing much else probably!!

I have got help with some advertising for my new practice wow, that sounds grander than it is!!! For the second year of my training I need to have lots and lots of client contact/work, and so I am trying to advertise for prospective clients both locally and via skype. Because I am a student still, I give my time for free, just need any costs to be paid if I need to travel anywhere etc. so it is a pretty good deal I'm offering! All I require is a signature on a certificate stating that I have completed the hours and been of benefit etc. So...........should you be interested, watch this space!! Ineke is working away at some super advertising material, which I know is going to be so cool - the text is our baby, and we are doing that both in English as well as Dutch, so that as many people as possible can be reached. It's feeling so good to be making real progress on my future career and learning so much in the doing. Thank you to everyone who is supporting me.xxx
Sue xx

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