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Sunday, 14 August 2011

Sunday Morning

And I'm thinking recipes!! And I am fancying Coq Au Vin for dinner!!! I suppose the fact that Tim is going away this week is making me feel like cooking us a lovely sunday dinner -as opposed to lunch...his favourite pudding maybe...or another one we both like? We are going shopping anyway, and can decide when we see what there is in the supermarket. I was up early facing the ironing head on as it is not one of the chores I look forward to each week, but getting it out of the way before 9 is somehow more acceptable.
What is your least favourite chore to get done each week? My way of getting things done is to spread them out over the week so that there is never a whole lot to be done at any one time or day! I am not a spring-cleaner either; my moment of madness usually arrives at the end of the summer as I like to get the house in order before the autumn and winter arrive. Maybe I have a secret yearning for hibernation?....
But anyway, it's done and I can rest easy until he returns with a suitcase full of washing.

Yesterday I baked the Cinnamon and Orange Crisps that Tim had carefully laid open in the cookie book when I came downstairs on Friday. Have to say they are fiddly and time consuming with the waiting periods etc but have come out spectacularly deliciously!!! And there are not many left! I have bagged enough up for my ladies tomorrow as we are working away from the centre where there are no cookies for our coffee breaks and I always ensure I take some with me as a treat. Yummy!

I watched the film "Four Minutes" yesterday afternoon as I was sleepy and in need of a quiet sit down. It was good! So nice sometimes to watch a movie that has no bad language, no violence, no extreme examples of behaviour; no, a simply told story about Roger Bannister running the first 4 minute mile. Lovely.  And true which are the ones I prefer. Time to roll out my " Inn of the sixth Happiness" next weekend whilst Tim is away? Though I am convinced that my version has been edited and some things left out or changed as my memory tells me I am missing some scenes..............which is a shame as I prefer the original if I am being honest.

Well I can hear the cereal is almost eaten and Tim is dressed so we can go shortly. He looked sort of bemused when I suggested that he doesn't put his hoodie up when he is in England next week but he had told me that every time he arrives at the airport he gets questioned about who is meeting him and are they there already, and he feels they are suspicious about him travelling alone. In light of the current troubles, I think his idea of a fashion statement had better be less in evidence this time. A shame that this is my thinking right now, but one can never be too careful apparently. So, Becci & Ric - be on time please!!!
Sue xx

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