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Saturday, 6 August 2011

out with the old...

and in with the new!! We've been looking on and off for a new blind for the garden end of the living room, as there is no space for curtains etc and it needed something pretty to make sense of the new decor. There was one we liked in Ikea which was fairly similar to the one we ended up choosing, mainly because this one was wide enough for our huge window. I liked them both; both white with grey flowery pattern etc, and so we took advantage of the discount this weekend and went out and bought one! Tim begrudgingly put it up for us.............see what you think:-
This one is a light cream colour which was left here by the previous tenants.

Boy Wonder doing his thing with the fittings!!!

Pretty new white and grey patterned blind in place!!!
The end walls are a very light grey paint with the one long wall now white, and the other one waiting to be painted in September. We will go for the same white shade now that the blind matches those two colours though there is a small temptation to add some tiny red sparkling stick-on gems to make it 'custom-made'!!!! I might try it and see what I think of the result.....................anyway, we are happy with the choice and it lightens the room up even more, so when the other wall gets painted we will be giving out sunglasses!!!

Last night we had our ladies night dinner party. It was really enjoyable and we had a great time. They brought me presents, which touched me as I was very pleased to receive such lovely gifts as a surprise. All the food was devoured which pleases me immensely as I feel satisfied when I see clean plates! I was particularly pleased with the Churri - it was delicious even though I say so myself. The curry was not too hot and the only thing  I don't do so well is cook rice. I was disappointed with that so won't be buying that brand again. Tim has just finished the Eton Mess as I had saved him a portion on request. I am looking forward to eating the remaining dishes with him this evening. Easy cooking, lazy telly watching evening and a good sleep to follow!
Sue xx

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