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Monday, 6 June 2011

Stormy waters

What to do when teenage rebellion is in full throttle?! Sometimes it is the hardest job in the world being a mum/parent and without back-up it is a lonely place to find oneself in when things get tough. I am going with the flow and determined to ride the stormy waters out, but it is as uncomfortable as heck whilst it lasts!! You want to help them, but when help is rejected and everything you say or ask about gets shouted down etc. it is heart-breaking. I hate getting locked into the 'you treat me like this so I will treat you the same' kind of scenario, but it can be the most effective way of making a point without resorting to shouting and screaming at one another. So we are not yet at the truce stage. There has been a tentative exchange of words this morning, but I am still being given the silent treatment by teenage son. Why is it that up until age 17 and 364 days, we are able to say and do parent-like things but on day 365 and 18, it's suddenly all over???? Wish I knew. It will all be alright of course, this is just another temporary blip, but I wish it was simpler like in days gone by...............

My mate Peter celebrates his birthday today!! Happy birthday old 'un - you're always one year ahead of the game! Have sent him a message this morning so perhaps we'll have a chat soon too.

Work this week with only one day free - how's that?! Earning a bit of money at last even though I won't see it until the end of July. That's the worst thing about working such ad hoc hours, never getting paid the same every month etc. I think that when I have to use our telephone for something, I will have to remove the cobwebs from it first!! I have not used it for so long to avoid any extra costs on the bill, it is virtually redundant. The beauty of skype is that I still get to connect with people who really want to talk to me, and my friends here can call for free as we share the same provider, so right now, it gets us through the lean times doing it the way we are.

Time to go. There was a huge thunderstorm here yesterday and it looks like it might come back today, but here's hoping it will be another sunny weekend as it is PinkPop and a weekend under canvas at a festival in the rain, is something Tim wouldn't be wishing for!!!
Sue xx

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