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Sunday, 5 June 2011

A good day

for me yesterday. It was the second to last practical day of the first year of my study, and with 6 of us students left over from the original 12 who started together last October. We achieved a lot yesterday, and because we are coming to the end of the year and the certificates will be given out by our trainers, we were given some individual feedback and an inkling as to what is going to be on those precious pieces of paper.
I think we were all given great compliments about our personal growth and learning over the past months, and useful insights into which direction we ought to head in - counselling or coaching - some of which proved surprising for a couple of ladies who perhaps were inclined to see themselves doing the opposite of what the trainer recommended - and how we can best proceed next year. The second year is starting in January, apparently, and we have to chose an area of special interest for ourselves, and do much more intervision, client case work, supervision etc. I hope I can afford it, and if not, then it will be later on in the year because I have to get to the end if I am going to be able to practice as a counsellor in the future.
I was given some other really exciting news yesterday, but I am waiting to share that with someone first before I share it here!! It's killing me, holding it in, and keeping it quiet, but it is the sort of news that you need to share face to face and not over the phone or in an email. For me, it is a dream come true. That's all I can say!!!!

After all the beautiful weather this week, it is raining, thunder is in the air, and the garden is getting its essential free watering this morning! Why?! Just one more day of sunshine would have been delightful; I had hoped for it so much. Looking at the weather forecast there will be a burst of sunshine this afternoon, but then more storms. Not good, but there it is. You know that game of "scissors, paper " etc? Well we play a game that is all sorts of things against me - I never win it!!!.......I am thinking of not playing it any more. Someone please tell me what to do when the odds are stacked so heavily against you?????

Enough of my maudlin-me. On the upside the rain gives me the opportunity to write my notes up from yesterday whilst they are still fresh in my memory, and every now and again, I will ponder on what was said, and enjoy my little inner happy thinking all by myself. Aaah.........
Sue xx

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