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Thursday, 16 June 2011

Now I'm just plain

tired!!! I had an incredible headache all yesterday but I think it was because of the change in weather and it being so horribly humid all day. The paracetamol didn't help either which was a shame as I slept so fitfully all night long and am now only half awake, but needing to do some stuff before bedtime. A good sing though - and by the look of the night sky I am home just in time as the wind is gathering speed and those huge grey clouds are beginning to spit water from the heavens...........just like this morning as I drove to work. Couldn't see the road in front of me at times, so bad. It eased off around lunchtime but apparently here it was awful all day long. Well, one more day of work to go and then things ease right down again for me. Sort of looking forward to having some time in the house as I see housework getting neglected and not so shiny taps in the bathroom.....whoops!!! I miss being at home to do the chores, as I like to tackle them little and often - and you would not believe the cat hairs at the moment!! I think there could be a jumper in it for me if they continue shedding at this rate!!!
So now I am tired enough to fall straight to sleep ( I hope.) I'd opened the bedroom window just now but I think I'd better shut it fast!
Sleep well.
Sue xx

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