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Friday, 24 June 2011

Friends coming round

this evening so busy cooking and preparing for our summery mediterranean meal!! Pity the early morning sunshine has turned to rain at 11am........it was so lovely when I went shopping at half  past eight!! What did you do to the weather?!! But it won't stop our pleasure I'm sure of that. At the moment I have got the top half of the Vacherin cooling in the oven, and the bottom two thirds of the raspberry cream, brownie cheesecake, and the Gazpacho so we are on schedule. Wouldn't the Mrs. Harrisons be proud of my time-keeping?!! Both the Domestic Science teachers at my school were called Mrs. Harrison but they looked like chalk and cheese from one another. I always had the slightly rounder one teaching me, which I was happy about, as I thought she was the more lenient one of the pair, and more inclined to bake cookies!!!
I didn't do O level DS though as I always did better when I was practicing than during the actual exam.
And my O level music score was too high to exclude in the choices...........shame. Who knows, I might have turned out to be a pastry chef if things had gone differently??????????

We had our Karaoke evening last night with the choir, to round off the year. I confess to being a shy and retiring violet who didn't get up there and singalong to the rock songs. However, it was a nice evening and plenty of other willing and budding soloists did take the floor!! I have photos but they need to follow when I have more time. Not today that's for sure. Maybe next year I will take my turn.......

Tomorrow I am going out for the day so let's hope this rain comes today and goes tomorrow. Spending the day with my friend Hillie in Haarlem, well, that's the plan. I just about have enough left in my bank for the train fare, but nothing more, so it will be a fun day of window shopping, chatting, and hopefully sitting on the terraces facing the sun for some summer warmth.
Sue xx

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