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Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Don't they look good?!

Becci & Ric at their friends wedding.

Nice to see Becci and Ric's photo from a recent wedding they attended, Ric was an usher so extra smart!! They are at the age when friends marry or have children, so no doubt the coming few years will see call for more posh attire!! Having spoken to Becci via skype the other night, seeing her wearing an owl woolly hat in bed, it is to be hoped for!! Wonder when the day will come that I need to dress up like this?..................

The predicted thunder and 'disasterstorms' that were due to hit yesterday didn't. Well here anyway. We had a really sultry day with amazing temperatures, then some cloud and small drizzly rain for an hour, and then 30C again until the evening when it started around 8pm. The lightning was pretty impressive but the thunder was more a distant rumble than heavily overhead. The cats slept through it so that says enough! This morning it is very humid here in house but I understand that it is much cooler outside so I think it will be ok at work. When I arrived yesterday every door and window was open, which helped.
It is overcast and dull outside, no wind, and just the birds flying around searching for breakfast.
Have a good day!
Sue xx

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