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Tuesday, 21 June 2011

A lucky escape

Amazingly I have escaped from a very nasty accident with barely anything to show for it, but it could have been so much worse! We have a small cooks blow torch and it was empty, so needed filling again. I tried to do it, didn't succeed; asked someone else to try, also no luck, so yesterday I went to buy the gas to see what we were doing wrong. Whoops!!! I filled it alright - in the kitchen - then thought I ought to test it. There was an enormous whoosh and the whole of the kitchen lit up including me!!! The huge flame swept across my body and hand and burnt all the hairs off my right arm, and scalded me in several places. My hair got caught so lots of burnt bits falling out all over the place..........the flames did catch my top but luckily it didn't catch fire otherwise...........................someone was watching over me I guess, from up above. I smothered myself in vaseline so amazingly I have very little to show for it today. The pain is more or less under the skins surface so if I don't touch it, its fine. Hurt a bit in the shower this morning though!!!

What else? Oh, didn't get yet another job............least said about that the better, right. I love it that my friends all say such nice things about there being a better one out there somewhere for me - it just needs to appear soon, that's all!!! I cheer myself up with the knowledge that where I work at the moment, the clients are very fond of me, and whenever they see me, I get so much love and positive responses from them, it makes me feel better.
Well, there is nothing else happening; this is enough, right?!
Sue xx

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