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Thursday, 30 June 2011

Happy boy!

We have finally booked Tim's flights for August and his annual visit to his sister in Stafford. He really misses her not being closer so I always feel it is important to keep their contact up to a healthy brother/sister level. And this time he will meet her boyfriend/partner - what do they call them these days I wonder? - for the first time, so also nice. They will have a great time and since I am working most of August it will be nice and quiet at home too. Still waiting to hear when Jackie is coming over in the autumn, so I have someone to look forward to seeing again. Oh, and of course Ineke will be braving the roads northwards after her holiday!!! I make the best chocolate brownies, by way of encouragement!!!
The sun is out once again and its a beautiful day. I am baking and cleaning and doing all the ordinary tasks we cannot avoid each week. Last study day coming up on Saturday so got to make two cards and some cakes etc for our last lunch. Got to is not right; I want to, am happy to do so, enjoy it!! Waiting for inspiration to strike for the cards - been a while since I got creative with ink!
Well, having said all that I think its time to dip into my stash and see what I can come up with while the brownies are baking...........oh, the smell of chocolate wafting upstairs, divine!
Sue xx

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