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Friday, 10 June 2011

Getting there slowly

Its been a rough week when all is said and done, my friends, but I am hoping this bank holiday weekend will bring me what I need and I will start next week in better spirits.
It is pop festival weekend and the boy is going to his first one, PinkPop, in Limburg, and I am trying very hard to be cool about it, not fuss and definitely not 'controlling'!!! But he is shattered after having worked two really long days at the bakery, and facing another night of it before getting the train tomorrow morning. Right now he is sleeping, and getting the rest he badly needs. He worked from 4am this morning until 4.30 this afternoon, and is starting again at 1am through until 7.30 tomorrow morning, then he has to be on the train at 8.30am!!! I just went to the bank for him; his bag is in the hall, the food still has to go in, and last minute stuff etc, and I have stuffed the wet weather gear into the bottom - just in case - and the rest is up to him. He has to learn what he needs to take and what he will find he misses, and although Melanie will have thought to take most everything with her, he has to pull his weight too. So the coming 3/4 days its just me and the cats at home, so a lot of sleep is likely!! Time in bed is what I really need!!!!!!
Sue xx

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