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Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Body blows

I was hoping the week would get better but so far I am being proven wrong. If life were a seesaw, then an elephant is sitting opposite me on mine, and he is flinging me far off into the distant atmosphere never to see land again!! An over-dramatisation naturally, but speaking metaphorically, this ride is one helluva tusker!!! Ever had that feeling that you are being targeted from above by a whole gang of seagulls whose talent for scoring bulls-eyes is uncanny and 100% accurate?!!! Yup, I've got it right now.
The sad thing about it all is that it is ruining my little happy slice of good news; that tiny piece of feel good that I had for a mere smidgen of a moment last Saturday; that one small thing that made me feel great and would have felt so good to share when I was riding that high....................I know it will never sound the same again when I finally get to speak it out; the moment is lost forever. And I feel incredibly sad about that.

Oh, Tim passed his exam, so congratulations are in order!!! I'm sure he must be feeling good about it despite still continuing his current mood........................
ah well, we have to work with what we've got, right?
Sue xx

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