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Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Aaah, Jim lad!

It's one-eyed Sue here!! I really don't know what has happened to my eye but when I tried to wake up this morning around 4 the left one remained shut! It was so painful and swollen and red - yuk. I then spent 3 hours with a cold flannel on it trying to get it to go down so that I would be able to drive to work in the afternoon. It did help, but as the day wore on, it got more inflamed and red and fiery and it bloomin' well hurts ' terribly much'!! to put it politely!! Luckily my eye itself is not red, but under the lid is where I can feel the most irritation and it is itching like mad right now. I'm still inclined to think it is a midge bite cos the beggars love my blood, and I always have extreme reactions to them, otherwise I don't know what it can be?

Whilst at work today I spotted a email announcing that there is to be a full day " team day " on 1st July.....I wonder if that will include us holiday girls or not? My mail address was not on it anyway...............maybe it means we will be asked to cover the centres so that the team can have an away day? Am I making assumptions based on prior experience? Yes. Am I learning that this is wrong and to be avoided at all times? Yes. How hard is that going to be? Very!!! But I am adopting the 'wait and see' policy and trying to keep an open mind. I'll let you know!

So beautiful sunshine again today which was lovely. I have made the decision to bite the bullet and talk to our neighbour on the other side about planting my tiny hedge along the adjoining side of our front gardens because the weeds are growing there and I want to create a barrier between them and our plants. I figure if I ask him to say where he thinks the boundary falls, he cannot complain later that they are in the wrong place. I know where it is - in front of the downpipe between the two houses, but I'd like it if he agreed with me! It is just one row of small box plants, but time it was settled. As the coming days are bank holiday ones here and the forecast is so good, it is the ideal time to get the front garden up to scratch and tidy up the weeds I sprayed last week etc. and make us look pretty. I am feeling inspired by my window shopping in Zoetermeer!!! I have some 'grand designs ' in mind for the back courtyard - hardly a garden yet - but they are for next year or even the one after that, but it is nice to just have the germination going on in my head when I am sitting outside keeping Finka company and drinking coffee.
Mostly I confess to staring at gardens with trees in them just around here and from the upstairs windows. I am trying to imagine trees in the garden along the fences, and I can see that everyone else seems easy about planting them, and I don't. But why? I see that slim borders have been created that are flush to the stone slabs etc whereas I prefer them to be raised a little, so I make little border walks figuring out whether or not I can use the smaller ones on their sides so that they stand up and I don't need to buy any new ones!! I guess I just prefer landscapes that are not flat. Undulating. That is better. Tim is still insisting on grass but that is another leap of my imagination that has yet to be made!! How to garden on a budget of zero euros is a challenge I can tell you!! Maybe I need to spend some time with my books and pen and paper and do some dreaming.................the only dreaming I am going to do now is in bed!!!!
Sue xx

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