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Saturday, 26 March 2011

The tracks of our lives

This seems to be a recurring theme for me at the moment. It keeps popping up in various places, and just did again now, as I was blog hopping. The sounds, the tunes, the melodies, the lyrics that all mean something special to each individual one of us. My resolve is to make a playlist on my ipod this afternoon with the ones that start and end my life to this moment - taking time to think about why I have chosen each one, dwelling on the memory I have attached to it for as long as I need to, and then playing it while I sit quietly on my own. It will be a superb ride!!

I have been busy cooking this morning and buying some of the many things I need for the birthday boy's celebration. Spreading the cost is essential, and even though I always know I over-estimate on everything, the fear of not having enough for people to eat well, remains a constant source of anxiety. When you are on such a low budget as  I am right now, I cannot afford to get it wrong, so planning, making lists, scouring the stock cupboards for anything I already have in house, cutting down on too many different things just because I really enjoy making them! - being REALISTIC is not my thing!!! I hope I am learning.

The car is booked in for its MOT on Monday. The worse thing about it is that I cannot go home to wait, so will have to spend several hours sitting at kwikfit which is a waste of a day. A good thick book is called for!!  I just hope if I take it in really early they will take pity on me and do it quickly!!!
I still have to do several other jobs but it is raining so I am leaving cleaning the car until tomorrow.

I have not enough voice to sing this afternoon which is really unfortunate as the choir desperately needs every voice it can get, but a soprano without the 'so' is absolutely nothing!! It was very disappointing last Thursday at practice as so many were missing - and I could only sit and listen. We are such a small dedicated group that every one counts, and the sound is really great when all of us are present. We are singing in a residential home because it is the birthday of one of our members husband. He has never heard her sing in the choir so she asked us to do this for him which makes it even more important to do it well.

So, back to the tracks of my years and that playlist........ watch this space!!
Sue xx

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