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Monday, 28 March 2011

body clock gone aschew...

....it might be spring but my internal body clock is functioning on an altogether different time zone! Lying awake this morning in the early hours was so extreme that I finally gave in and got up, and did some work on the computer. Which is why at almost 6am I am more awake than the birdies, than the cats, than the rest of my world, wrapped up in my thick dressing gown with a bottle of water and perfect quiet. I need to get dressed soon anyway since it is my intention to be at the garage for 8am in the hope that my car will go in first, NOT need any work doing, and be home by 9......................just throwing that out to the universe as my prayer for the day!!!

What have I been doing since the crack of dawn? Titivating my CV that's what! I need to find another job. I cannot  cope with this constant stress of having an income way below what is reasonable and adequate to live on every month. Much as I enjoy my job, the unreliability of it is crippling us financially and we are down to zero. I can sit here and pray for a miracle or I can do something about it, and since I am saving my miracle wish for something else, I have to do the practical thing instead. So it is upgraded, re-typed and sent in an email at 5am this morning!!! It is a long shot but you never know, and since it is about time my luck changed perhaps this is the moment. It helped yesterday having our study group. Gave me the chance to talk about how I feel about things and discuss what to do. Only two of us could make it, so we did some skyping with our third member so that she was involved as well, and I was very glad we did. I missed a day of sunshine in the garden but hey, moving forward in other directions is also time well spent, right?

Well, time for a shower and getting dressed as the clock is ticking my friends!!!
Sue xx

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