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Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Sunshine at last

Instead of the dense fog I woke up to yesterday the sky is streaked with plane stripes and wispy clouds this morning and it looks as though it'll be a lovely day. I did sit outside during the morning, and it was lovely but rather cold still, as the starting temperature was around 2C; this morning we are looking at a 6C!!!
Tim and I went to collect lots of bags of soil as there was a special offer on at the DIY store and it was too good to miss. Plus he could carry them for me! Just need those planters next............
I love gardening and garden centres - and I heard that there is a nice programme starting on 15th April about the Gardens of Italy with Monty Don. They look amazing and worth visiting..............but my ambitions are very small and I am so happy that my friend Lindsey is about to embark on a second career in horticulture cos she will learn even more to share with me!! She has green fingers that's for sure, so I applaud her decision to take this new turn in her working life. She is far better at the potting on and having a greenhouse and growing from scratch than I am - probably because I have never had one - but I am thinking about gro-bags!!! Does that count?!
Ah the shower is now free so time for me to take the plunge as it were..........
Sue xx

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