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Saturday, 19 March 2011

Comic Relief

I watched it last night, until I fell asleep on the settee, but wasn't it incredibly moving hearing all those stories from Africa and here at home? Those children with Cataracts for example, and the family living in the slums, which moved Lenny Henry to tears............how can any of us complain about our own lives when people in the same world live like that? It feels like an incredible act of injustice that across our earth, the share of fortune and good health is so poorly divided. I am ashamed for all the worrying I do about my own situation when I see what is happening out there; however desperate I feel at times, I never suffer the same level of hardship as they do. However little I have to manage on, it is always going to be more than they have. However hard I have to work to get by, it is always easier than their daily grind. It was a real eye opener and moved me deeply. I need those images and stories to stay with me every day if I am going to really be able to unconditionally give what I have back to our world. I also know that every single person watching that last night will have given something towards Comic Relief. For however poor we may feel, we cannot fail to be moved enough to give that tiny piece of good fortune back to those in poverty and poorer countries including our own. Right?
Sue xx

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