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Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Sunny side up

So it was a good day for doing things. I made a route around the garden centre ( had to use my gift voucher from Christmas ) - the vets ( food for cats ) - Kwikfit ( for the MOT ) - post office ( for Carole ) - coffee with Gebke - the doctors ( all checked up for the coming few months at least!! ) and home again. Now that I know I am getting the planters from work which they were going to throw out I am excited about the backyard's prospects. It is kinda bleak right now  - hardly dare call it a garden, but there is hope. The cats came outside and sniffed the air and pottered with me, so they are at long last daring to venture outdoors.

And it suddenly struck me that I have almost been divorced for one whole year; coming up on 4 April. Also the same date three years ago that I started working where I am now - how time flies.

I have also been practicing recipes today. It was quite a phaff and I am not sure yet how it turned out, but lets say that making a Vegetable Terrine is not one of the easiest things to do!! I had thought to do one for Tim's birthday but it takes ages and I am not terribly confident about how it is going to turn out. It remains in the fridge, in the clingfilm and tin until tomorrow.......I think it needs tweaking. I also made some cupcakes as Tim did some at school yesterday which he is also going to be doing for his exam, and to be honest I felt they could be better. I know it is difficult, but somehow he can make them lighter I am sure, and the frosting I use is divine so he can surely take that on board????? It is not cool to use your mum's recipes I get that, but the experience must count for something? Just the recipe for the meatballs to go....

I also got a lot of emails out this morning - and have two skype dates!!! Both ones I am really looking forward to. But that is Friday. What I didn't do is the ironing and my study. On the list for tomorrow. I know, time management, right? Friday is for pleasure.
Sue xx

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