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Sunday, 6 March 2011

4am and it happened..........

......all day yesterday I felt my tummy was wobbly and I was cold and I felt really out of sorts and in another world, not able to focus on the course and what I was doing. I went with Ann to see The Kings Speech afterwards, and managed through that, came home, went to bed, slept badly and at 4am it started. I have the bug!!! Oh boy, was I ill in the night, but having fetched the bucket from the attic and got loo roll for by the bed and swallowed some Immodium tablets I felt I could sleep for an hour or two without the need to get up and run downstairs!!! This is not good news, is it?!!! At the  moment I am surviving on paracetamol and immodium and little else - and just praying I get through the next couple of days without too much trouble and without giving it to Tim or anyone else!!!! My tummy is cramping nicely and the rumbling and swishing and swooshing that is going on is almost orchestral!!!
Sue xx


Jo Capper-Sandon said...

nooooooooooooo awwww what a shame!!!

I hope its a short lived version you have...fingers (or legs) crossed it goes away soon.

Suzanne said...

thanks, Jo!! Imodium works really well!!! I am already feeling better so hoping today will see an end to it.