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Tuesday, 29 March 2011

the longest-fit

was 8 hours sitting waiting at Kwik-fit ( I use the term lightly!) yesterday whilst my car went through its MOT. I was there back on the dot of 8am to be told 'where can we contact you when its ready?' as it is going to take a while. I replied that I had to wait.......and wait I did. They started on Phoebe around two hours later, and some time after that I heard my name being called............knew it was not going to be for coffee and cake!! It appeared that my back brakes didn't exist on the right side anymore. I was apparently driving a 'lethal weapon' and was very lucky to still be there to see the damage!! I was shocked, I admit it, when I saw the metal in tatters on the floor.............for those technically minded, there is a thin coil thing that sits inside the joint ( don't know what else to call it?) that was no longer whole or in place. Something else that should have been a complete circle was hanging from the wheel arch most pathetically, and extremely thinly. When they had tried to spin the wheel, it didn't. First clue that something was wrong. I had noticed that when I was on the motorway she sort of juddered sometimes, but I thought more along the lines of the fuel or spark plugs being dirty etc and not getting fed around properly. But what do I know? Nothing!! At the end of the day I was several hundreds of euros poorer but rewarded with being told I had the patience of angels, and something good would come of that!! Nice mechanic man. So when I drive 120 kms this morning at least I will be thinking I am safer than I have been for ages..............does feel strange though. Driving home that short distance yesterday the brakes felt so much softer and their reaction completely different from what I have been used to for about a year or so????

It is thick smog here this morning. As it gets lighter so I can see more of it! I am not used to the clock change yet, being dark when I wake up. And I am waking up SO early right now, cogs whirring around in my head. Lots to think about it seems but no more nightmares I hope.

My tracks I mentioned: yes, got them all done in one CD although I could fill several more!
These are the ones I have chosen to start me off; I guess there are few surprises for you, and a lot of memories!! If I had got these tracks downloaded I would have started with Mandy by Barry Manilow as that was the first single I ever bought, and gone on to include Steve Harley's Come up and See Me, and some Moody Blues and Dark Side of the Moon - mostly because Pete and I used to spend hours listening to them together in our teens!!! But I started with my personal favourite, by Bowie ( I am a child of the 70's music after all) because I used to enjoy the drum stereo when it bursts through the speakers, since it was so new to us way back when.................
John, I'm only dancing
So you win again - Hot Chocolate, first band I ever saw at the Leas Cliff Hall in Folkestone.
I love to boogie - cos Marc Bolan was plastered all over my bedroom walls!
Stars ( Janis Ian) - my melancholic phase!
Tiger Feet - for those disco days at The Astor and Walmer Village Hall and the Greasers!!!
I don't like Mondays - very last day of my OT placement in Dorset, with alcohol and chocolate and Fiona!!
Yes sir, I can boogie - aah.............yes, summer 1977.
Without you - Nilsson, all time favourite song.
China in your hands - Shropshire working as OT and driving those country lanes so often to this one.
Win or lose - can't not choose one from Cock Robin, right?!
More than this - Love his voice, Bryan Ferry another fave.
Stars ( Simply Red) - because it is a beautiful song.
Missing you - our Tina. And I did.
Broken Arrow - Scotland, Edinburgh.
Against all odds - sad memory here.
The one - Curacao.
Endless Love - self explanatory!!
The whole of the moon - my theme according to my best friend Pete!!
Written in the stars
The promise - Tracey Chapman, love this.
Should I stay - my doubting Thomas theme tune keeps coming up!!!
Can't turn back the years - some Phil is always a good thing.
If not now
A million love songs....because this is where I am right now!!

Maybe these are not everyone's choice, but they are mine and I am transported back through the happiest days of my life whenever I listen to them.
Sue xx

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