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Thursday, 24 March 2011

the garden bug

First we sit and think....

then we plant these spring beauties - some of my favourites.

There is the tiniest of hints that there is new growth heading upwards
next to the tinkling mushrooms; wonder what it will be?

Pretty in pink!

The smallest buds are there for sure - this one is a beauty!!

This is the wall that is crying out for some planters!!!!

This morning the sun was glorious so I took my bike out and went to the market. Along the way I stopped to get the saddle repaired and the back light changed, and was amazed at what a super bike store we have in the village!! I knew it was there of course, but had not had need to go there, but it was coffee whilst you wait, repairs carried out on the spot and millions of bicycles everywhere I looked!!!
It was cold cycling so I was wrapped up warm but once on the market it was heavenly. I was looking at plants...........................but whilst there also decided to get my earphones repaired as when Gebke and I were sharing them recently only I could hear the music!! I know I am a little bit deaf in one ear but that was obviously not the reason - the right one was totally kapot. So head banging may resume.
Once home I spurned all thoughts of ironing ( there isn't a lot after all ) and cleaning in favour of sitting in the garden with three other things I wanted to do today. Make notes about the case study; start a new book, and dream fantasticle dreams of garden design!!! What it actually boiled down to, was sweeping the dead leaves away and tidying pots, making notes about what to have where, and lists of desirable plants! As you can see, this poor neglected fence really will benefit from those 4 large rustic planters I am bringing home in two weeks time!!! It doesn't get much sun apart from first thing in the morning, so one list is for plants that like this spot. Then which ones will climb, and which ones will grow fast, and colour combinations.....and in between the odd shut-eye. I was busy until three when it was too shady to be pleasant any more and the last remaining sunny spot had disappeared. Totally jealous of all those gardens behind mine where I can still see people sitting in them, all warm and glorious!! Ours is not the sort of street where you can really sit out the front to catch the last rays............although I could be tempted to sit on the doorstep with a good book if no-one was looking................
Sue xx

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