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Saturday, 5 March 2011

just a quickie

because I am about to leave for Amsterdam and my course day. We had my birthday dinner party last night which was good - everything was eaten up which is always a good sign that it tasted ok. 3 helpings of the puds just about says what I cook the best though!!! Have taken photos so will post later. Maybe I ought to go in for "dinner party desserts", ( name I thought of for it) an idea I have had germinating for some time now. Tim and I could do wonderfully delicious desserts and cakes for those less interested in fiddling around beyond a starter and main course................

- Sunday 9pm,BBC 1, so 10pm here, Brian Cox, it is the Wonders of the Universe programme I told you about - starts tomorrow regardless of what it says in the TV guide ( knew I was right!).

Time to dash...................
Sue xx

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