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Monday, 3 November 2008

post -weekend blogging

Catching up with blogs and writing my own is good therapy for a cold!! That is decided, as today it is cold and damp and very nice being indoors with a hot cup of coffee and a CD playing in the kitchen. No-one is going to persuade me to venture outside today!! I have been very diligent and got the ironing out of the way first thing this morning so the rest of the day is mine!! I have to continue cutting out the carton templates for the workshop but it kills my arm after a while so I have to do it in sittings. Roll on next Monday when it is over and I can relax again! I have sent for the new Magnolia stamps - a bit naughty of me but they are SO cute!!! I did it via the magnolia site so goodness only knows how long they will take to arrive. I am going to use them for some christmas cards and other projects once this workshop is over with. And I got my SCRAPKIT from Chantal at the weekend with perfect Webster's Pages paper!! I love their stuff and was delighted that this was the choice this time. Chantal had told me it would be right up my street and she was right! I am starting the annual hunt for my christmas recipe books!!! Why I never can remember where I put them during the year I don't know but it is all part of the process!! Iwant to make the Irish Whiskey cakes as I am going to give them away as presents this year. I am having a HOMEMADE YEAR!!! I think it is what christmas is all about.........but anyone know how to make an Xbox 360????? Tim might have to be the one exception! He is finding all the offers and the lowest price for me but I want to wait a little longer and hope for a last minute offer once Sinterklaas is over. We don't do that here but Tim is going to Alicia's so that he can experience it for himself. Oh, it is so nice thinking about CHRISTMAS!!

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A Cuban In London said...

Blogging as a cure against a cold? Great! That's probably why I hardly ever catch any! :-)

Greetings from London.