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Monday, 17 November 2008

the Margriet Fair was..

enjoyable. We had a lovely day out and bought several Christmas presents etc which was the general idea, but also some things we wanted for ourselves! It was not overly crowded - I was prepared for more of a crush, but we got around easily with out shopping trolley ( alias my scrap trolley!) and stuffed our goodies in there no problem! Now I have to unpack my bag and see what is for who and then rest...it was a long day, and my arm is very painful. Ann was wonderful and carted the trolley all day, but I still am having a lot of problems with the pain. I did get Peter a massage cushion so I am hoping that he will use it in his chair and get some relief from his bad back. A lovely sunny day out there - showing all the dust in here of course, but hey! I am going to relax and scrap a while now 'cos I have already ironed and hoovered and the rest can wait until tomorrow! have a great day yourselvess, Suzannex

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