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Wednesday, 12 November 2008

post-workshop update!

It did all go smoothly and everybody loved our project and even said we could come back again next year!!! SO, another few converts to Scrapping!! It was hard work getting everything cut and the kits made but we did it, and the evening went fast. Dreadful weather and we were so worried that it would stop some ladies attending but we had 30 in total so excellent turnout! My shoulders are killing me of course so it is off to my GP to get some pain relief I feel. To much for me now that I can hardly raise the left one up anymore. And what are we going to do with our luvverly jubbly??? Buy more scrap materials of course! Loes and I went over to Paulines and bought the oh so wonderful Fa la la line and immediately started on more cards. Time is pressing now! And Ann and I are off to the Margriet Winter Fair this weekend so I am hoping to find nice pressies there too. Loes and I have also ordered the amazing THREADING WATER PUNCH from the USA. We wanted to have it to make those nice borders on our cards so sitting at the computer on Monday we managed to find it at this store: www.CraftTownHobbyLandUSA.com and it is a good price too - 15dollars. They have already posted them to us so we are eagerly awaiting the mailman!!! But now I am off to the shops for bread etc and then its raining so what is a girl to do???? SCRAP!!! bye, Suzannex

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