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Friday, 14 November 2008

Lots of card-making, only one good photo!!

I have been busy making Christmas cards and wanted to add them here but I had got awful light in the room, and only one came out looking reasonable! So here it is! I am loving using the new magnolias! So cute, and in combi with the nesties and Falala papers it is so easy to create lovely cards! On the matter of my shoulders; went to see GP and now have to have physio starting Tuesday. I am totally stiff and tight and it is very painful when I try to lift or carry or get dressed! I think it is just overworked muscles but even the hint of 'you will need an injection in your shoulder' was enough to scare me! I am not brave when it comes to needles and pain. Anyway, I am back off to try and take better lit photos, have a great evening where ever you are! Suzannex

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