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Friday, 21 November 2008

I've been busy!!

This first card is for my husband this Christmas - an exploding card! They are fun to make but do require accurate cutting and folding!
This one is quite sweet too. I am LOVING using my new Threading Water punch!! You just have to get one! The silver star is one I got from Xenos last year and have embossed with silver powder.
Aah, I have made this one for my son to give his girlfriend!!!
Wanted to do something different so have used the trees and the stamp to get this 'forest' on a card!
The name cards for our Christmas dinner table!!!
Since the weather is so dreadful today there is nothing else to do but scrap! With the pain in my shoulder any larger activities are excruciatingly painful, so dusting/hoovering/ironing/polishing are ALL OUT OF THE QUESTION!!!! Aren't I the lucky one?! I am off to start my physio shortly so just getting this on the blog before I go!

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