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Friday, 7 November 2008

nightmares have started!!

Ok, so I have had a really bad nights sleep - or rather lack of!! I was dreaming about the workshop and that they hated it and wouldn't do anything, and made all kinds of other things out of the kits than what we had planned!! It was awful!! And now I am shattered and the day is just starting........and somehow my blog type has changed over night and it feels different.......am I lost in another dimension?!!! What is happening to me - HELP!!!! I have discovered this week that I am old-fashioned with old-fashioned manners and love of proper etiquette! I also know that I do not respond to being pushed into a corner, and that I have a strong sense of fairplay. I am wrestling with a few things right now, ones that upset and annoy me intensely, and cause many 'inthebrain' storms for me!!! My creed of 'do as you would be done by' is sometimes hard to stand by, but I find it is very important to me to make a stand when this happens and remain true to what I believe in. I also feel my homesickness period approaching fast, and that also has the habit of making me more stubborn and intrenched in these matters! I am probably turning into a "grumpy old woman" but if we start to ignore these rules of society and friendship where will it all end? What will the youth of today actually learn from us? What is our legacy going to be to them? "Take what you want and hang the consequences"? My daughter was given some lovely things by my friend Loes recently and another friend was asking for her address to send Christmas presents to etc, so I gave her their email addresses and when she got her laptop she wrote to thank them. What made me so happy was hearing their pleasure that Becci had corresponded directly with them and sent her own message of how she is doing etc. This in turn made me feel proud that I have a daughter who also thinks these things are important too. Sending even a little bit of happiness is worth so much I think. So, Thank you to all of you that visit this blog and hopefully find something worth reading every now and again!!!!

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