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Friday, 21 November 2008

What ever happened to a good cuppa?????

Yesterday Loes and I treated ourselves to a HIGH TEA in a town local to us ( which shall not be named here). We went to a Tea Rooms, which boasted the fact that it was English. Well, there is little to be said other than don't go there yourselves! It was not good, very expensive and absolutely NOT english!!! My view is that we were not the only dis-satisfied customers and that if things don't improve, they will soon close. Yes, it was that poor. Unfortunately the owner was not too happy with our comments and didn't seem to want any tips from someone who is actually English....but I feel that if you are going to do something like that, you had better do it well and get a great reputation for excellence than bother at all! So don't be surprised if you hear that Loes and Ann and I are offering a 'Scrap-a-tea' day next spring!!!!!

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