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Wednesday, 19 November 2008

John Sargeant - a dancing pig?!!!

What did I read in the Telegraph this morning?!! An item about our beloved John? So, Strictly has caught the attention of the Dutch newspapers at last! Since it is all that is being talked about in the UK at the moment I feel I must add my own view here. And that is complex to say the least! I am in two minds really. Ann and I both love watching the show as many of you know, and we enjoy the better dancers to be sure. However, and this is where it gets complicated, we adore John and Cristina too! We brits are reknowned for our love of an underdog, and we absolutely detest being TOLD WHAT TO DO by anyone, so having judges telling us how to vote will only send us the opposite way! That is what it says in the paper this morning: half the votes are for John only to irritate the judges now. Whether that is true or not, no-one is going to stop us voting for Winnie the Pooh and his lovely partner!! I would love to see Vincent and Rachel win - and I think that Christine and Matthew; Austin and Erin and then Camilla and Tom are the best of the lot. So who knows this weekend...we'll be glued to the set to find out!!!!!!!! It seeems I have got an infection in my shoulder joint and hence all the pain and discomfort I am experiencing. I am having physio this week and it has been suggested that swimming might also help so I will give it a go! With enough painkillers it is better at night, but I am not sleeping well at all. Apparently it is not something that goes away quickly............. Still waiting for our threading water punch......made some cards for the Scrapfever stall at the craft fairs etc. and read a bit..pottered, trying not to overdo it at all.....life is steady to say the least!!! But hey, thanks to the person who helped me solve the problem with publishing the blog! One flick of the switch and I have got it all back again! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

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