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Thursday, 31 July 2008

new backgrounds

At the moment I am experimenting with these wonderful FREE backgrounds from the Cutest blog on the block - fab fun! There are so many to choose from - this is one from the shabby collection today. Since I am fairly useless with the computer I was so happy t odiscover this easy peasy way to dress up my blog! Hope you don't mind if it changes a bit until I find 'the one' I like the most! Going to be over 30C here today - already so hot and sticky outside and I have to do the ironing.. but I am getting through a lot of my new books!! Being off sick means I get free reading time and I am loving it! It took only 2 days to read the last one " This book will save your life" and I am currently into 'Constance' with another one already delved into......and STILL there is Atonement which I have had since Christmas and still haven't gotten around to! Why? That is what I want to know...is it a book for serious weather in the autumn maybe??? These ones I am reading are light and jolly and require no stress on the old grey cells which is precisely what I need right now! Last night we had a super BB! with Ann and Alicia joining us. Peter went to the local butchers and bought really tasty meats and salads. It was so easy for me, as I had to do nothing!!!! This is the life for now, and thanks Peter for taking over the cooking like this!!! xx

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