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Tuesday, 29 July 2008

photographing teenagers!

We are trying to sell out rubber boat on marktplaats so we got Tim and Patrick to pump it up and demonstrate the size etc by sitting in it for a photo. Patrick covered his face so that he wasn't on it, and Tim wasn't prepared so I got him in one! I stood above Patrick and took this one without him knowing! Ok, no more photos mam!! Eyes closed, no see camera coming!! So I am relaxed, take the pic quickly!!! Its a nice boat so I hope we sell it soon. We bought it by the Italian Lakes and have barely used it really so it is time to sell it on. We have had all 4 of us in it when the children were younger and last year, me, Peter and Tim got in and we went on the Ijsselmeer where we swim. So it is roomy enough!! So far the only bid is too low, so that is no good. Patience............................

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