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Saturday, 26 July 2008

feeling stronger daily

it is amazing how quickly I am feeling better after the operation! I think it has to do with having perfect pain control - that makes a huge difference I'm sure. I am taking the pain killers still, and starting to only take one when necessary instead of regularly etc. It is working to date! We had a lovely restful day in the garden yesterday but then, during the night there was an horrendous thunderstorm right overhead. It went on for a couple of hours and of course I didn't sleep through it so am very tired this morning!! Now it is just hot and sticky weather with the promise of more rain to come. Ah well, it was nice whilst it lasted!! I am the only one up right now - the chaps are still snoring in bed. Even the cats have gone up to join Peter on our bed!! the sun is out but it is in a threatening sky, so no joy I think. I will have to scrap instead!! Life is so hard, isn't it?!!!! Enjoy your weekend where ever and what ever the weather!!! bye.

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